Friday, August 12, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Favorites + Fall Foxtails

Jeffrey Campbell can do no wrong. Though occasionally having designs too ridiculous for me to even understand, or having blatant similarities to other designers (the phrase originality is dead somewhat applies) he is definitely one of the most innovative shoe designers right now. These are a few of my favorites from his newer collection and the shoes I'd be most prone to wear for fall. 

Revolver in Paprika Tribal Print 
Roscoe in Rust

Dollskill Foxtails

My favorite fall accessory for quite some time now has been foxtails, raccoon tails, etc. I'm not the biggest fan of real fur and typically the faux fur ones look too cheap so I've had a hard time finding one I like. They're so versatile and match everything. Especially cute if you clip in your hair or on a side belt loop and bags of course.

Hair Accessories 
Bag Keychains

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