Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've fallen in love with ashaloo, her store is flawless and her taste level is quality. All of her items are a unique feel, and I could see so many great people wearing them. 

How did you get started in jewelry? 
By accident selling in a weekly pop up market in college. I sold vintage clothes & some jewelry I would find from goodwill, estate sales, etc. Then sitting there at my table I started to tweak the chains I found and eventually my little market table became all jewelry & accessories! It was the go to spot on campus for jewelry which was fun. Girls would come to the table with a specific idea or outfit in mind & I would create custom designs for them. Then after college I worked as a bench jewelry for a boutique in nyc & interned at nine west. And then was able to luckily sustain myself with my own designs! 

What's your inspiration?
I get inspired by a lot of tribal/ethnic pieces. I also love scouting for vintage chain and findings so many times it is the materials themselves that inspire pieces. Also people on the streets walking around in nyc and how they layer their jewelry is always interesting. Also music helps me work quickly. There isn't a day when I am working & music is not playing the background. Lately I've really been into Ben Howard when I need mellow/soothing & Tame Impala when I want fun/psychedelic jams.

What are you future goals in jewelry?
Keep expanding the line and one day soon to open a shop with in house studio in the back and venture into a couple other categories of merchandise as well. 

Who are you favorite designers?
Dries Van Noten, Proenza Schouler, Chloe

Favorite Etsy Shops: 
I love looking through home goods mostly when I am shopping for myself :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

elasticmodulus by Brian Houghton

I had the opportunity to do a mini-interview with one of my new favorite emerging designers through Etsy, Brian Houghton. His jewelry is masculine, raw, overall perfection. He's 27 and is new to making jewelry, since he's only been making jewelry since October this year.

Favorite designers?
i dont really have any favorite designers, i like to sort of design myself and take different snippets from all over the place...

Favorite Etsy shops?



Where do you get your inspiration?
my inspiration is sort of the same realm as the above statement, meaning i like to take bits and pieces from different time periods and not necessarily confined to civilized time periods. new ideas are sprouting all the time, i get a lot of inspiration from, old jewelry, antiques, curiosities, post apocalyptic movies, art etc etc

What are your future goals in jewelry?
my goals in my jewelry making is to first and foremost not take myself to seriously and have fun with what i am doing, i would like to perfect certain techniques with wire wrapping, fluidity etc etc. i am happy to know that people do enjoy my art and jewelry.....i guess they are one in the same!!

What type of person do you see wearing your jewelry? 
actually i have sold jewelry to a few different style types, goth, old school punk, alternative types etc. so all types i guess, people who i thought would never care really 
like it....a bit surprising to be honest.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Currently Loving Comfortable

I'm loving laid-back looks right now; soft, cozy, heavy knits, light cotton, sheer, flare pants, etc. I think there's a beauty about a girl with perfect hair and makeup in a seemingly comfortable outfit. Not to say that everyone can walk around in sweatpants and leggings, because ugh, just, no. These are definitely on my lists of things to stock up on.

Caftans & Squaretans

  • etsy, etsy knit pattern, roberto cavalli, vintage sewing pattern, polyvore
  • Ah-uhb-sessed. Roberto Cavalli is on of my favorite designers, google his caftans (kaftans) sometime, they're flawless. Going to try making a caftan, post about that in a while, y'know the drill. 

Fancy Pants
  • urban outfitters, free people, urban outfitters
  • I'm always a sucker for interesting pants. Definitely love love love. Wide leg pants, I think, are great. Extreme flare pants, I'm not so hot on. Pants with subtle flares are deff a good look though. Preferably worn with flats for a cuter effect. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bonedust Cowgirl in Paseo

These are photos from one of my favorite places to shop in the Paseo, Bonedust Oklahoma. I've bought so much recently so give me time to wash my new clothes and play with them for a little bit, but there are new killer lookbooks on the way.

Scavenger's + Sauced on Paseo

Tonight I went to The Paseo District with my new friend Irene, and my oldie friend Ango. Initially we set up to venture to Bonedust, but they closed early. Fortunately though, Scavenger's was open. I believe everything happens for a reason, and there was a reason we were supposed to be there, that reason being my caftan find. I found an amazing caftan from India. Ever since I saw Bowie in a caftan I've been dying to get my hands on one.

After rummaging, we went to Sauced for amazing pizza, live music, and cheap coffee.

Gigantic polar bear dog... <3