Friday, November 4, 2011

Currently Loving Comfortable

I'm loving laid-back looks right now; soft, cozy, heavy knits, light cotton, sheer, flare pants, etc. I think there's a beauty about a girl with perfect hair and makeup in a seemingly comfortable outfit. Not to say that everyone can walk around in sweatpants and leggings, because ugh, just, no. These are definitely on my lists of things to stock up on.

Caftans & Squaretans

  • etsy, etsy knit pattern, roberto cavalli, vintage sewing pattern, polyvore
  • Ah-uhb-sessed. Roberto Cavalli is on of my favorite designers, google his caftans (kaftans) sometime, they're flawless. Going to try making a caftan, post about that in a while, y'know the drill. 

Fancy Pants
  • urban outfitters, free people, urban outfitters
  • I'm always a sucker for interesting pants. Definitely love love love. Wide leg pants, I think, are great. Extreme flare pants, I'm not so hot on. Pants with subtle flares are deff a good look though. Preferably worn with flats for a cuter effect. 


  1. I wish i was like, 6 feet tall so i could get with a caftan without drowning... LOVE the striped one especially!

  2. Caftans have taken a big turn for popularity as of late. I've always been a fan bc they are super comfy and they are perfect for vacay and poolside outdoor fun.

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  4. love the caftan with deer? fox??


  5. Love it! Such a cute post. Following now :)

    kisses x

  6. LOVE anything comfy and chic, this is some great inspiration x